Thursday, July 1, 2010

Assingnment #1.1 Intro

Reading the piece Shame and Forgetting in the Informantion Age I came to an conclusion as to what the purpose of the text was. Charles Baxter wrote the piece to say that everyone memory is different. We all forget things sometimes but we shouldnt be shameful of forgetting when it comes to learning new things from books and other printed sources its so much information that can be taken in. No one can remember every piece of imformation they take in or given to them. When you experience something your memory often remembers that tbecause you are apart of the experience most of the time. Now that we have this new tecnology around getting information is more easier. Having all this technology requires less work for us humans and dont require us to remember much because we can easily go back and look up info on the computer. Instead of going to find an answer for ourselves technology does it for us.

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