Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Assingnment #1

After reading the article Shame and Forgetting in Informatiom age I somewhat found the purpose of the text of what Baxter was trying to address. I think what Baxter was trying to say is that all the information that you take in doesn't have to come from a computer or something you read. Thats not the only source of information that can be helpful. You don't have to always remember every thing that come from the book or computer websites.

I think Baxter was trying to say just because a person can not remember written texts well all the time doesn't mean they have a learning disability. Now days we have computers and new technology to help us remember things. As he mentioned in the text, "Proliferation of information causes information inflation" (146). Meaning every piece of information you are given or have gotten from somewhere or something is not always memorable. We as humans sometimes forget. That doesn't mean we should be ashamed of ourselves or have some type of disability. "No one can absorb all the information" (146). Thats means that every piece of information that you are given can't be remembered forever you can't store it all no matter who you are. Memory was mentioned in every sectin of the text.

The reason why i think the text was broken up into five different pieces is because each section have it's own meaning of the purpose memory and forgetting. Every section connects to the meaning of memory.

I think Shame and Forgetting in the information Age connects to the text by forgetting information that you've taken in, in some type of way. Sometimes it may be shameful for a person to forget something that they thought should have stuck with them in their MEMORY.


  1. Hi Fierra!

    I agree with your thought that the purpose of the essay in the first paragragh.

  2. Hi Fierra,

    Nice to meet you! I agree with your interpretation about Baxter breaking the essay into five different pieces because each section has it's own meaning of the purpose memory.


  3. Hi Fierra, your assignment interpretation one was awesome. I agree that humans can't remember everyting and in today's society people are always turning to the media, and high tech stuff for information and they really believe that they need to know everything off back, like you say we are only human. We should focus more on our surrounding a appreciate what we have to offer... great interpretation

  4. Hi Fierra,

    I think that it's interesting that you say that not everything is memorable and that's the reason for our memory loss. That brings up an interesting question of what memories are more valuable than other's. This would be an interesting topic to discuss, I think.