Thursday, July 1, 2010

Assingnment #1.1 examples

-"Reading the writing often defeated him and they sobefore the culture had begun to employ the phrase "learning disability" and before this socitey had become dependent on computers"(141)

-"The apartment was stuffed with written materials, all paperwork of a life time................. Because he couldnt hold it in his head he kept it around and he learned to live with it"(144)

-"Their lives and authority depend upon their ablity to remember and to remember their subjects in public"(144)

-"You don't know? the first one asked " You dont know how much memory you have" "
"Of course they weren't talking about their own mind"(145)

-" "your memory" can now in casual conversation refer to your computer's memory rather than your own"

-"our memories are memories of our experiences in narrative form........... Data by contrast the proliferating facts and figures can easily be stored"(145)

-"Information on a screen is subtly different from imformation gleaned from books"(146)

-" A proliferation of imformation causes imformation inflation"(146)

-"yesterday's gone"(149)

- "Wht you remember is the key to who you are"(151)

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