Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Assignment 1.3

Shame and forgetting In the information Age was a piece written by Charles Baxter. I interpreted the purpose of the piece was to inform readers that forgetting is a thing that everyone do no matter what it is or what it may be. When it comes to certain things people should not forget them. Now days with technology being so powerful people are definitely bound to forget things. Being shameful of what we forget is sometimes necessary, but on another note we shouldn’t be shameful of our forgetfulness, depending on our data we take in or experiences.

Shame and Forgetting In the Information Age by Charles Baxter was a piece written to everyone who is living in the information age as of now. I believe the purpose of this piece was to say that forgetting is shameful by only when it come to certain things you should be shameful of forgetting them. Everyone does forget things periodically at times, but at the same time we shouldn't let technology be our way of remembrance all the time either. We as humans shouldn't depend on technology so much, such as things like computers for our memory and use our own memory more often. It seems as if our experiences are longer lasting and memorable than much of the other information we take in. Although we take in more information from the things that we are “suppose” to know it causes us to lose memory from our own data/ the things we experienced, which can both bring shamefulness to us.

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